Virtual Trade Show 2009
Adobe Booth   Sony Creative Software Booth   Thomson Valley Grass Booth   Avid
These images were designed for the first virtual trade show offered by Sony Electronics. This project won an award at the bssc conference at NAB, Las Vegas, 2009. I was responsible for customizing and branding each booth using Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash CS3. Programming for interactivity was done with Actionscript 2.0
Touch Screen HD TV. Exhibited at NAB Show in Las Vegas, April 2009
Click on Image for a Preview. This interface was originally designed to be viewed on Sony's Touch Screen HDTV with resolution of 1360 x 768. The images and animation will be resized by your web browser.
The interface was designed with Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator CS3. Assets obtained from SONY's library of licensed images. Programming was done with Actionscript 3.0. Videos will not play as they are behind a firewall in one of Sony's networks


Original Image of Movie/TV Studio
Extracted Tripod from another image

Composite of Camera, Studio Environment and Tripod.


Projectors Microsite

Sherman Travel
Redesign of Microsite for Professional Projectors. Assets were obtained from SONY's library of licensed images to build banners on bottom area, flash animation on top, and list of products in mid area.

Adkit Ad

    Government Professionals  
Screen Capture for Adkit Main Image
  Before. Licensed image.   After. Composite of two images